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Misa - Can you feel it? @ Femjoy

Misa - Can you feel it? @ Femjoy

If you’re wondering what a complete erotic video experience is like, download this new movie from FEMJOY and revel in the revelation. The model is Misa, a newcomer to the site, and a girl so cute and nubile she’s certain to break your heart. The setting is an attractive, sylvan, rural yard somewhere, containing nothing more than a tree, some grass, and a little white bench. And the soundtrack that plays as Misa displays her virgin secrets draws you deeply into the event, capturing your heart and awakening youthful feelings you haven’t had in far too long.

But in this video, it’s all about Misa. A precious young model who’s never posed like this before, she beams with a shy delight, captivating her audience with her delicate fine white body and her bright, joyful smile. And when she throws her eyes in your direction, you know what she is thinking. She wants someone to come visit her, to sit at her side, and to tell her just how pretty she is. Maybe to touch her thigh, to kiss her lips, to brush his hand against her budding breasts. And to teach her the ways of love, for she is O so curious, yet so inexperienced.

Come and spend some time with Misa in her garden of delight. There’s a secret apple waiting in her heart just for you.

Anna-Leah - Private Moments @ Femjoy

Anna-Leah - Private Moments @ Femjoy Filmed on location on the Island of Mallorca, graceful model Anna-Leah shares her thoughts about modeling and traveling the world. This self-confident student from Germany discusses what motivates her modeling career while she gently rubs her body with lotion. Honest and thoughtful, she leaves no question unanswered. As we watch her body being pampered, it is truly beauty in motion. Anna-Leah tells us about her favorite things while she caresses her long legs and reveals who she is in these private moments.

Sanura - Estate @ Femjoy

Sanura - Estate @ Femjoy

Have you noticed that FEMJOY has been updating with more videos since our new re-design? And have you noticed that these videos have gotten sexier, more sensual, and way more evocative? We think we’re creating the finest nude videos in the world, and we trust, once you’ve seen them, you’ll agree whole-heartedly.

And this new addition from Sanura, entitled “Estate,” is a case in point. Sanura is a buxom blonde from Germany with an incredible body that’s round and ripe and inviting. She is so fit, and she smiles so coyly, no man can not wish to join her in the paradise of her desire. And that paradise happens to be a country estate in Austria, with its lush green grass, its motely cobbled wall stones, and its robust fruit-bearing trees. This is a natural haven, and Sanura, in the nude, fits right in.

There’s nothing extravagant about this video, which is part of its charm. It’s simply Sanura, without a stitch of clothing, posing and smiling against a stone structure. You can really tell she’s having the time of her life, and we can’t help but share the sensation. Imagine joining her in that shady romantic spot, and bringing more than a smile to her lips? Such fantasies are what FEMJOY is here to facilitate.

Laura - Happy @ Femjoy

Laura - Happy @ Femjoy

O if only everything were like it is in a FEMJOY moving picture!

Download this amazing movie and you’ll see what we mean. The world depicted here is so perfect, so beautiful, so inviting, your fantasies are immediately sparked and your mind races off to regions of sensual dreaming hitherto unvisited.

Her name is Laura, and the movie’s name is Happy. Why? Maybe because Larua is so happy to be posing naked for you; or, perhaps, because Laura’s posing naked makes you so happy. Either way, the feeling is mutual. You come along with Laura, joining her in her joy. She is a sumptuous, passionate, innocent woman, and she wants someone there to appreciate her. After all, that’s why she does it.

The world that Laura inhabits in this video is endlessly arousing. The colors are light and relaxing, the scenery is lush and beautiful, and Laura, well, she’s the very image of feminine mystique. Her full breasts, her beaming smile, her delicious body come together to give you the sense of power and tenderness combined.

Watch this video and come with Laura to the lake of make believe.

Jenni - Open Beauty @ Femjoy

Jenni - Open Beauty @ Femjoy

Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea. And this moving picture is testament to that. The simplicity involves the sunset, a bike, and a naked blonde. The sunset is the setting, blazing down in streaks of orange and red, bathing everything with its light. The bike is the prop. And the blonde is Jenni, a beautiful Austrian model with now two moving pictures on the site.

Jenni isn’t actually riding the bike - she’s more just posing with it. Climbing on and off, straddling the seat, sometimes even falling off and arousing a fit of giggles. It’s a real treat to watch her playing around on the bike, because you can see that she’s having a great time while also acting a little nervous about what to do with her “prop.”

But no matter what Jenni does, it’s pure elegance. The beauty of this girl is classic and direct. She’s a blonde with straight hair and a lovely firm body. She seems to truly be enjoying herself as she poses. And from her toes to her nose, Jenni is total feminine perfection.

Download this video and see what feminine joy is all about.

Clarissa - Missing You @ Femjoy

Clarissa - Missing You @ Femjoy

As FEMJOY continues to increase the pace at which it posts new videos, we are excited to take a look this week at our newest addition, a moving picture entitled “Missing You” and featuring the lovely young model from Greece, Clarissa. Spend a few minutes with Clarissa on the rocky eastern shores of her native country, and you’ll be swept away by the power and beauty of this exotic feminine flower.

This video is of a very intimate nature. Clarissa is poised on the rocks as the sea behind her splashes and rears, yet she seems unphased, innocent and calm in the sun. And the camera is also quite calm as it rolls over her body, going in close for the most intimate shots you can imagine of every secret delicate aspect of Clarissa’s physique.

The name of this moving picture is “Missing You,” and it’s clear why once you watch the video. There’s a longing in Clarissa’s eyes. She is desiring something she doesn’t have. A companion, a touch, an experience of sensual release. The ocean behind her is alive with wonder and might. Her heart longs for the same thing in her life.

Join her in this longing as you enjoy this very moving picture.

Avida - Introducing Avida @ Femjoy

Avida - Introducing Avida @ Femjoy

As Avida wakens, she finds herself in a warm and magical cottage in a place she doesn’t remember coming to. Yet, instead of scared, she’s excited, and decides to embrace the experience.

Stretching in her bed, she begins looking out the windows, and the bending poses this brings are truly a treat for the viewer. Avida is a sumptuous young lady - thin, petite, athletic, and very nimble. After looking out the windows, she prances slowly around the room like a new-born deer, and finally settles down to comb her hair. The orange firelight that basks her stunning form accentuates every enticing curve. Avida is awash in erotic light.

Next, we are given a wonderful show that tops all the rest. Sitting on a bench, her armsback on the bed, she opens her legs and begins to stretch. There is nothing we cannot see in this super sensual display of the flower between her legs. Holding that position for a good long while, she soon closes her thighs, bends over, and delights us yet again with another intimate angle.

This video takes you deep into Avida, and that’s a place you’re certain to savor.

Sanura - Only a Dream @ Femjoy

Sanura - Only a Dream @ Femjoy

As this video opens, the camera pans across a lush field of grass. Some tall brown reeds are clustered near a pond, waving in the wind. The ambience is one of rich, fecund earth.

Then the camera falls on Sanura, and the “rich and fecund” motif goes through the roof. This woman is a statue of femininity with her dramatic curves, her smooth white skin, her long blonde hair, and her perfect proportions. If a goddess were to be crafted out of bronze, Sanura would be the model.

The fun really gets going when Sanura starts doing some primitive-type dancing and reed gathering. Running through the grass, you see her incredible body in all its athletic splendor. Then she takes up some of the reeds and forms a kind of native wreath out of them, which she then starts playing with in a sort of ritualized dance. In short, Sanura brings the viewer back to something very primordial, yet very arousing at the same time.

This video is an adventure with Sanura as your guide, and what man would not care to come along?

Avida - Velvet Games @ Femjoy

Avida - Velvet Games @ Femjoy

Avida and Miette are two young models from Italy who literally bubble with bright, feminine joy. Their wide smiles, their shining eyes, and their perfectly toned and lively bodies are testaments to these girls’ health and vitality. And when they’re put together on a bed of purple velvet, the games of love begin.

When you download this video, you will be treated to an experience so intimate and sensual it will take your breath away. The girls are completely naked. The camera is in a bird’s-eye position, directly above their bed. You can sense their nervousness, but that doesn’t keep them from wanting to touch and investigate each other. And that they do.

Gentle, nervous hands move over and caress the creamy white parts of the inner thigh. Shaved and luscious, these women are smooth as new fallen snow. Their hair glistens with beauty. And their eyes are so curious, so eager to look into one another, to sense a forbidden desire.

They touch, and they quiver with delight. Their toes curl with bliss. They even wrestle, laughing and having fun. Each girl giggles, she’s so nervous, but she’s also enjoying herself so much. This video is just like being there for the first experience of two perfect girls. Who could ask for more?

Magda - Summer Breakfast @ Femjoy

Magda - Summer Breakfast @ Femjoy The sun is pouring into the lush garden behind the mansion. Some food is laid out on a table. It seems to be early morning, as the light is mellow and cool. And up early with the sun is Magda, a beautiful young blonde German model who is exclusive to FEMJOY. And lucky for us, she seems to have forgotten to put on her clothes.

This new exclusive moving picture from FEMJOY is a real treat. It’s about as intimate as one can get on one’s computer. It’s almost as if Magda is the viewer’s maid, walking about in the yard, preparing the breakfast. Fantasies abound. What kind of a maid is she? Does she know you’re watching? Is she expecting you? Is her nudity a gift she’s prepared for you, or something that you will catch her in off guard? And how will she respond?

If the power of a video is the way in which is sparks our imagination, then this video has incredible power. It’s nothing complex. Just a beautiful young woman walking in a yard, savoring her breakfast. But the opening this provides for the viewer to insert himself into the situation is vast. The mind reels, the passions boil. Fantasy lives.